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Passing by our Porter Pike station in the last few months you might have done a double take late at night – that place looks like it might be on fire!!!  A closer looked would have revealed four Bowling Green Firefighters gathered around a metal object with welding rods blazing and smoke showing out from under the door.  What the heck was going on?


Most citizens know that fighting fire is not the only thing firefighters get called on to do. We also perform a number of complex technical rescue responses including auto extrication, industrial extrication, trench rescue, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, structural collapse rescue, and water rescue. Our Porter Pike Station personnel are responsible for our Water Rescue Program and the B Shift Crew recently put their talents to work designing and building a trailer used specifically to deliver rescue watercraft to wherever needed, usually the Barren River.

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Why not just buy a trailer? Well you could for about $12,000….ouch!!!!   The need to be creative and fiscally responsible is stressed to all Fire Employees.  Combine that mindset with a `get it done attitude + raw talent` and “wah lah”, things happen fast.  So it was with our new boat trailer. Firefighters Todd Brannon, Mike Harvey, Mark Shultz, and Bryan Fulkerson identified a need and decided to do something about it. After checking their budget they knew $12K wasn’t going to happen.  One idea led to another and before long they figured out they could build a trailer for about $4K, accomplish their goal, and save the taxpayer a few bucks.


The first time I saw their work in progress it was about half finished and I knew immediately this trailer was going to be exceptional. If you ever tried to weld anything, you quickly develop a lot of respect for a good looking weld job.  I’m telling you, the welding joints and overall quality of work on this trailer would pass muster on the space shuttle.  Right down to last detail, quality control job one.

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I checked back in when the project was complete, taking a maiden voyage around the parking lot fully loaded with boats and other water rescue tools and accessories. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Next time you’re out Porter Pike way feel free to drop into Station 5 and check out the handy work of some of Bowling Green’s finest “professionals at your service.”

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Have you been holding on to old paint, chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, oils, antifreeze or other products that cannot be disposed of easily? If so, the City of Bowling Green and Warren County have partnered to provide one day only to dispose of these items for you.


The Annual Household Hazardous Waste and E-scrap Collection Day will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Greenwood High School (Scottsville Road – rear parking lot).  Warren County residents can bring items such as old paint, chemicals, household appliances and electronics to dispose of in a safe and legal manner.


This event is FREE and open to all Warren County residents.


While most home computers and appliances are acceptabl  e (most anything with a circuit board or a cord), Freon devices, yard equipment, radioactive materials and large appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, etc. are not acceptable. Single containers larger than 5 gallons will require prior inspections and approval, and tires will not be accepted.


In addition, shredding will be available on site to dispose of and shred papers, cds/dvds, magazines, phone books, folders, etc.


For more information, a full list of acceptable and unacceptable items along with a map of the disposal location, please visit http://www.warrencountygov.com/departments/StormWater or http://bit.ly/1poyT0M.

Spring cleaning is a perfict time to get rid of old paint, electronics, batteries and chemicals that may be stored in your home. Household Hazardous Waste Day provides a safe way to dispose of this waste.

Watch this week’s Update BG to learn more about this event that takes place this Saturday, April 26.


Sinkholes ~ Matt Powell


Bowling Green and Warren County are located in a karst region that is typified by caves, sinkholes, springs, underground streams and other karst features. The Bowling Green and Warren County area has very few surface streams and rivers because most of our water is underground. Sinkhole collapses in this area are not new, they are a function of our local geologic conditions.


The most common type of Sinkhole is the result of a soil arch collapse. These form as soil is eroded below the surface of the earth by subsurface water. This results in an arch of empty space over the bedrock and under the surface that when it collapses we call a sinkhole.


Construction and land use changes, heavy rains, and other sources of concentrated surface runoff may increase the occurrence of sinkhole collapses in a specific area. This is why we see them more often in and around new construction and less frequently in well-established areas.


Sinkholes collapses are unpredictable and no one can confirm when or where they will happen without geophysical investigations. Very localized areas may be examined through the use of geotechnical wells, ground penetrating radar, or microgravity measurement to determine if there are any arches present that are at risk of collapse. However, these types of analysis are extremely localized, expensive, and time consuming. Any area that is underlain with bedrock that is fractured and soluble (karst) is subject to these types of events.


The City of Bowling Green provides guidance to builders and developers that govern how they manage areas of concentrated runoff that hope to avoid creating karst collapses. Further we provide guidance on how to repair sinkholes properly so that they do not reoccur. Please visit www.bgky.org or our partners at underbgky.org for more information.


City App and Text Alerts

This is just a reminder that the City App and text alerts provide important information about events, projects and city departments. Watch this week’s Update BG to learn how to get both.


My name is Riggs. You may have seen me around town being driven by my handler, Officer David Marshall. I was born in Poprad, Slovakia on June 1, 2008. I have been working with Marshall since I was nine months old.


Many people don’t know, but my original name was Max. Marshall had this agreement with his wife that they would name their first baby boy Max, so he changed my name. Now, just to let you know, Marshall has had two baby girls in my time with him, so we are still waiting on Max! Where did Riggs come from you ask? I was named after Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon. His character is funny and a little crazy at times, just like me.


I love to have a good time like any normal dog. I love chasing rabbits, although those little suckers are still faster than I am. I did score a possum at the firing range one time, but yes, he played dead and got away from me when I wasn’t watching. Now, let’s just say skunks are not as forgiving as possums when capturing them. That was a hard stinky lesson to learn.


I go crazy for my ball-tug (my favorite toy), tacos and a good hamburger, although Marshall holds out on me at the drive through because I’m on a special diet due to my stomach. Go figure!


Now, let’s get something straight, it’s not all fun and games. I work hard on narcotics detection, tracking the bad guys and apprehending them if needed. We work Baker shift together and we are true partners. I listen to his directions and he follows up when my nose leads us to the bad guys. My loyalty is to Officer Marshall and the Bowling Green Police Department. I’m here to keep them safe as well as the public I serve. It’s just an added bonus that I am the most awesome dog ever. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that humbleness is not one of my strong points!


Arbor Day 2014

This year’s City Arbor Day celebration will be help on Saturday, April 12 at Kereiakes Park on Cemetery Road from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Free trees will be available while supplies last. There will be children’s activities, inflatables, and tree planting and care demonstrations.

Watch this week’s Update BG to learn more.

The City of Bowling Green online auction is back and as always, is offering a variety of items that will rival any Flea Market. You can begin bidding on all of our items starting April 7th at 8 a.m. at www.govdeals.com.

The City of BG regularly posts online auctions in order to sell surplus items. A complete description and photographs of the pieces, along with instructions on the auction process is available on govdeals beginning on the start date. The general public is encouraged to participate.

To access Bowling Green’s auction, simply search for Bowling Green, KY on the govdeals website and all items will be listed with pictures and current bid amounts. Please note that items will not be available to view until April 7th. The auction will close on April 14.

The list below includes most of the interesting and unique items that will be open to bid on. Take this opportunity to update your coin collection, get yourself a new ride (be it bike or car), follow that up with a new GPS, add to your tools, or pick up some new exercise equipment. And if those things are all just a bit too “normal” for you, remember that you can purchase boots or hard hats of various sizes, miscellaneous costume jewelry, Mercedes Benz parts, or non-functioning ceremonial rifles! We really do have something for everyone.

Shop till you drop – without even leaving your home! Please remember that all items are used and working condition is not always known. Partial list:

• 1999 Ford Crown Victoria (2)
• 2005 Ford Crown Victoria (2)

• Multiple lots of power tools
• 1 lot of miscellaneous small tools
• 1 lot of Police Department Equipment including vests, pants, shorts, jackets, pistol holders, ballistic helmets and more
• 1 lot of household items ranging from lamps to TV’s and a fire extinguisher to a clothes dryer
• Multiple lots of various bicycles

• Multiple lots of exercise equipment including a recumbent bike, stationary bike and various weight machines (heavy to transport)
• Multiple lots of office supplies
• 1 lot of approximately 27 hand held GPS (23 Magellan and 4 Explorist)

• 1 lot of 14 pairs of boots and 6 orange hard hats
• 1 lot of 6 watches of various brands

• 1 lot of miscellaneous costume jewelry pieces
• 1 lot of three prints
• 1 lot of two heavy duty chains approximately 12’ in length

• 1 lot of miscellaneous coins
• 2 lots of office furniture
• 4 ceremonial honor guard rifles (never functioning)
• 1 lot of Mercedes Benz parts

• 1 lot of sports equipment including bag with baseball helmet, glove, mitt and ball; 2 folding chairs, 2 pair of Nikon oculars and more.
• 1 lot consisting of 3 artificial trees and one large print


If you reside within the City of Bowling Green limits, Scotts Waste Services provides you trash pick-up. Often times, residents call the City regarding the disposal of large items or brush and limbs. If you have a large item to be picked up such as furniture or appliances, please contact Scott Waste at 270-783-4016.

Watch this week’s Update BG to learn more about this topic.

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”


The guiding motto for the Special Olympics reigns true in the heart of our athletes. When athletes compete in the Special Olympics, they strive for excellence and put their heart into all they do. There is no greater feeling than to see these competitors accomplish what they set out to do.


This past Special Olympics basketball season was one for the record books! Five out of our six teams qualified for the state tournament. In addition to that, we experienced an emotional rollercoaster towards the end with three of our teams competing in the championship games. Our Generals made us proud by not only bringing home a silver medal, but they displayed true Special Olympics sportsmanship throughout their game. Both the Raiders and the Force blew us out of the water as they worked their way to achieving gold medals! The Raiders entered the competition with an undefeated record and did not disappoint us at state!  Celebratory tears fell as both teams accomplished more than they expected.


The athletes and volunteer coaches bring that same spirit into each and every season they compete in. Currently, we have swimming, football, and track and field athletes practicing and gearing up for this year’s competitions. Amongst a variety of competitions that Bowling Green hosts is the Area 5 Spring Games, which is coming up on April 12th. Our track and field athletes will accompany many surrounding athletes in this all day event. Volunteers are crucial to making this event a success. Volunteering with the Special Olympics is said to change someone’s life, most likely yours!


If you are interested in volunteering with the Special Olympics or want more information regarding participation, please contact our office. You can reach Nicole DeFreeze at 270-393-3265 or Jenna Smith at 280-393-3480. Our offices are located at the Kummer Little Recreation Center.

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